RockHouse Studio Staff

The staff at RockHouse Studio is dedicated to providing the best service possible.  All offer their experience and knowledge to provide the very best of what RockHouse has to offer.

Earl Musick

Owner, Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, Musician

Earl has been in the business for over 20 years, and has produced several albums.  He is a guitarist (the fact that he plays left-handed usually isn't held against him...), and a covered songwriter.

Earl has released several solo-albums that specialized in his eclectic style and sound.  

Darlina Musick

Co-owner, Operating Manager, Musician, Studio Photographer

Darlina (a.k.a. "The Sarge") handles the business side of the Studio's affairs, but is also a very valuable "Mixing Consultant", due to the fact the she has incredibly good ears for minute details.

As a percussionist, Darlina has performed on several albums, and has performed in countless live performances.  She is also responsible for the vast majority of photographs taken at RockHouse Studio.

Mark Merritt

Engineer, Producer, Songwriter, Musician, Webmaster, Serious Hockey fan

(So now you know what the webmaster looks like....)  Mark came aboard in 1997 as a second Engineer to James "DB" Davis, and took over Chief Engineer duties when "DB" retired from Engineering in 1999. 

Mark is a musician of over 20 years, playing mostly guitars and bass.  He's performed on many albums and is a studio musician for several clients.

Oh... and he takes care of all the 'puter stuff.

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