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We generally find that most folks are good for no more than 8 hours of recording.  All the stress, pressure and hard work can be taxing.  Though you're welcome to book just about as many hours in a day that you'd like, we generally recommend against booking more than 8 hours per day.  Any more than this will drain the musicians and the engineers.

Historically, most of RockHouse's clientele book between 4 - 8 hours per session.

The first song will generally take the longest.  This is mainly because we'll need to setup the gear, headphone mix, kill the hisses and hums, and the artists usually take a couple of takes to get the jitters out, and start to feel comfortable.  The songs after that usually go much quicker.

You'll come in, and set your amps and instruments up, while we set up mics, patches, etc... We'll work on annoying hums and hisses, and work on getting the headphone mix down.  We will usually ask you to play something together as a group so that we can check levels, fine tune the headphones, adjust settings, and so on.  The whole "startup" usually takes about an hour, sometimes longer for larger groups.  Once we're set, and everyone is comfy with everything, we're ready to track!

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