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Before you record!

These are some tips and suggestions that years of experience have taught us.  These will help you save time and money.

Rehearse!  Rehearse!

Extra! Rest / Partying
It is recommended that you get plenty of rest the day before the session.  If you are tired and cranky, your performance will show it.  This is especially important for the ears before a mix session.  If your ears are blasted out from last night's Megadeth concert, chances are you will not be able to be objective about the mix.

Drugs / Alcohol - We're not trying to be preachy here but... generally most folks play a lot better when they are sober.  Rarely, and we mean rarely... have we seen people who actually play better smashed.  Getting that "creative" feeling is one thing.. getting that "lobotomy" feeling is another.

Generally we recommend that you leave your entourage at home.  Space is limited at the Studio, and a whole bunch of people can get in the way, cause distractions, they can get bored,  and can take up valuable time.  However, some folks play better in front of an "audience."  If you are more comfy playing in front of the wives and girlfriends, favorite uncles and friends, by all means bring them along... (Just please remember that space is limited.)  If you want to bring the girlfriend along to show-off your killer chops, you'd best leave her at home because chances are she's going to get bored silly listening to the same song over and over again. 

Also, know that we will not put up with "Manager / Producer wanna-bes."  If the husband of the lead singer comes to the studio to "direct things" and he's not the one footing the bill, he will be promptly ignored, and in some cases removed.  Next to rehearsing songs during studio time, this is the biggest annoyance, time and money waster.

Rehearse! - Extra! - Rest / Partying

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