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O.K.  You've listened to your rough mixes, like the parts, and made some notes about what do do for the mix-down.   We do NOT recommend mix-down sessions at the end of a recording session.  Everyone's ears will be tired, and it becomes very hard to remain objective.

The mix-down session is when you start to hear your final product.  At this stage we really start to pay attention to fine details.  We'll work on EQ's, add effects, find the correct pans for everything, add compression if necessary, and blend everything to create a "picture" so-to-speak, of the song.  We want / welcome your input during the mix down session.  It's your song!  We will make suggestions, and include some production ideas for your consideration.  You may heed them, or ignore them.  We're here to offer our experience and ideas, but don't be afraid to turn down our suggestions.  You won't hurt our feelings.  Honest!  The idea here is to be objective.  Listen to your band-mates, listen to the advice the engineer has, and compile all of that to achieve the best product.

Sometimes, if we feel the artist is making a grave mistake in the mix, (I.E. Turns the guitar up so loud that it drowns out the vocals) we will kindly explain to you the mistake, and why it will be detrimental to the overall song.  Once we have given you the facts, you can make the call about whether or not to proceed with or without our suggestions.  You are paying the bill, so the decision is yours.  We want you to be happy with your product, but please understand that we've been in this business a long time and we're simply obligated to help you achieve the best product possible.

Speaking of mixes, if you have a "sound" you are looking for, or really like the production quality of your favorite band, by all means, bring in a CD of that band and tell us that you are looking for this kind of sound on the guitar, or you really like the vocal effects, etc...  We'll do our best to accommodate the sound you are looking for.

Once all the songs are "mixed" we'll burn them to a CD-R, and you can take them home and listen to it to your heart's consent.  If need be, we can schedule another session to work on the mixes some more.

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