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Karaoke Session

RockHouse Studio can offer you the best, professional karaoke recording you can hands on the for the money.  The process is simple, and you will walk away with a professional recording of your voice along with the music tracks of your favorite song(s).

All you need to to, is bring us a karaoke CD (Or CD's) of your favorite songs, and your voice.  We'll do the rest.  Here's what we'll do...

We'll take your karaoke CD or CD's (Sorry, RockHouse Studio does not furnish karaoke CD's) and record them to a stereo mix on our digital recorders.  We will then set up a professional microphone (not a cheap one like you see in the "record-a-song" places in the mall) and add quality effects, like reverbs, etc...  You will then sing along with the music.  Once you are happy with your performance, you can add harmonies if desire, to separate tracks.

Once you've finished all of your songs, we will "mix" your vocal and the music together, and the result will be a CD with you singing the song like you were recording with the original artist!

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