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Before you record!

These are some tips and suggestions that years of experience have taught us.  These will help you save time and money.

Rehearse!  Rehearse!

Extra! Rest / Partying
Before you start a live gig, you usually make sure that you brought along extra strings, batteries, cigarettes, drumsticks, etc...  Well, before you come into the studio make sure you have plenty of everything.  Nothing kills a session more than someone having to run to the music store to pick up a new "E" string for their guitar.   Please don't ask us if we have a set of Dean Markley custom-light-gauge electric strings.  We're not a music store!

Before you get to the studio, it is suggested that you bring along extra strings, cables, picks, sticks, ciggies, batteries, etc just in case you need them.  Make sure that your instruments have new strings / heads, etc... at least 2 days before you get to the studio.  If the last time you put new strings on your guitar was when Clinton was in office, your instrument will sound like poo-poo.  You'd be amazed at how many people will try to convince themselves that their guitar sounds fine with 6-month old strings on it, and then complain why the guitar has no "life" in it.

If you plan on using your own drums, make sure the heads are new.  Like guitar strings, "dead heads" can really kill a great drum sound.  This is especially important for the Toms.  

Drummers, we suggest that you use our studio kit for no extra charge.  We constantly change the heads in order to keep them sounding alive and "fresh."  We welcome drummers to use our kit.  Most drummers prefer to bring their own snare, pedals, and sometimes even cymbals to use in conjunction with our kit, which is perfectly fine with us.  If you'd like, contact us, and we'll be more than happy to let you come by and give the drums a test run.

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