RockHouse Studio Rates

Below are the current rates and prices along with some descriptions for RockHouse Studio.

NOTICE:  A One Hour Deposit is required to confirm your booking!

Description Rate / Price
Studio Hourly Rate $60.00 Hr. *
The Studio rate includes use of the equipment, studio, engineer, drums, and available instruments. (see Services section regarding availability of musical instruments.)  This rate does not include tape costs.  

* Special Album rates are available with an agreement beforehand on the amount of time between recording dates, and amount of material to be recorded.  

Studio Block Rate $50.00 Hr.
To receive this rate, you must book an eight hour session.  You don't necessarily have to use all eight hours in one shot, but you must book the eight hours within 2 weeks to receive the discounted rate. Example:  You can book the eight hours, and spend four hours on one session, and come back next week and use the next four.  If more than two weeks elapses between your sessions, the rate changes back to the normal rate of $60.00 per hour.
Karaoke Sessions $25.00 Hr.
Rate to record you and your karaoke music.  Includes engineer, recording your karaoke CD to our master tapes, and the availability of best microphones we have to provide you a top-notch REAL recording of you singing to your favorite music.  Click here for details.
DA-88 8-Track Master Tape $20.00 Ea.
The Master Tapes are what you will record on.  For 24 tracks, you will need 3 tapes.  When you buy the Master tapes, you own them, and can take them with you.  Though it is not required, it is recommended that you purchase your master tapes in order to keep your original tracks.
DA-88 Master Tape Rental $5.00 Ea.
If you choose not to purchase your master tapes, you can 'rent' the master tapes for the duration of your project.  Rental tapes must remain on RockHouse property, and will be earmarked for erasure and re-use 30 days after the completion of your project.
DAT Tapes $15.00 Ea.*
RockHouse Studio uses DAT format for final Mix-Down.  Though not required, it is recommended that you purchase the DAT tape of your final un-mastered mixes.  
CD-R's $10.00 Ea.
You can get a  CD-R to have a CD of the day's session (Rough Board Mix)  Or have extra CD-R's made of a pre-existing session or recording.  
Cassettes $5.00 Ea.
All rates / prices subject to change without notice...

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