RockHouse Studio Fun Stuff...

Expressions to avoid during a recording session...

  1. Ready, Freddie (pronounced red-eye fred-eye)
  2. Bingo, gringo
  3. Uno, Bruno
  4. The phones sound O.K. but I need more of myself
  5. We won't need a click
  6. I like what you're trying to do but not the way you're doing it
  7. An excellent first attempt
  8. Was that the sound you had on the demo?
  9. Make the click louder
  10. That was a pretty good take for this time of night
  11. If you want the tempo any brighter than that, we better wait for a sunny day
  12. No dynamics? We're playing as loud as we can
  13. I think that's a pretty good sounding take for what were getting paid..
  14. That was great, let's do it again
  15. Is that about as tight as you boys want to get it?
  16. Is it possible the click is speeding up?
  17. I'm at the point where I'm making dumb mistakes - before I was making much smarter mistakes
  18. So many drummers, so little time
  19. Why don't we do the double first and the lead will be easier to get once we've got the double
  20. I never had this problem when I was being produced by Lenny and Russ
  21. We got some things, we need some things
  22. Fabulous
  23. Punch in at the section
  24. You can't make ice cream out of shit
  25. You can't polish a turd
  26. Just let your spirit soar
  27. My spirit's already sore from the last thirty takes...
  28. Close
  29. Less is more
  30. Less is Paul
  31. Less is Brown
  32. Less is less
  33. That's the way I've been playing it all along
  34. I just wish I could get a whole band that sounds as good as I do
  35. This will be a great opportunity for me to show off my chop
  36. Let's hear the bass, if you can call it that
  37. Play something Paul would tell Linda to play
  38. Does your amp have an underdrive channel?
  39. You can erase that one, I remember exactly what I played
  40. We'll catch that in the mix
  41. You guys can fix that in Soundtools, right?
  42. I brought my kid along, he's never been in a recording studio before
  43. My girlfriend sings great background vocals
  44. I know a great drummer
  45. You guys want to try some heroin?
  46. Your girlfriend's been in the bathroom a long time
  47. Please, man, stay away from my faxes, okay?
  48. I'm not going to be any more dishonest with you than I am with Donald
  49. I'd like a little more of a live feeling on this tune.
  50. I also play eleven other instruments
  51. Sorry I'm late, I just got through with my blood test (or CAT scan)
  52. That vocal's not a keeper is it?
  53. That's how I wrote it but that's not how I like to play it
  54. I can't think of any improvements that won't make it worse
  55. That ground loop is a trademark thing for me
  56. That's the new old comp from today - I want to hear the new old comp from last Tuesday
  57. That reverb would sound a lot better if it were coming out of a piece of MY GEAR
  58. How bout we get rid of these 3M machines and get ourselves a frozen yogurt machine
  59. Roz Shrank on line one for you
  60. Skunk called, he's on his way down
  61. The frozen yogurt machine is broken
  62. When was the last time we worked together? Tonight.

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