About RockHouse Studio

The History

The original RockHouse Studio got it's start in the late 80's and early 90's.  The name "RockHouse" actually got it's name from it's original location.  Earl Musick, co-founder and co-owner, started it in his house after converting a bedroom into a little project studio.  The house itself is an older house built with stone on all sides of the house, hence "House built of Rocks" or "RockHouse."  

After devoted wife and co-owner Darlina Musick pushed him hard to get back into music after a long hiatus, Earl started out recording bits and pieces music for his own personal enjoyment on an old Tascam 8-track analog recorder.  Friends would call upon him to ask if he and long-time friend James "DB" Davis to record their music as well, since Earl at the time had all the "fancy wiz-bang stuff."  With miles of cable strewn all about the house, Earl and Dave would use any room they could get the snake to reach, as "isolation" booths (including the bathrooms.)

Eventually Earl decided to record his own solo album "Done Deal" using the Tascam 8-track.  Earl had written enough tunes to compile an album that he could release on his own.  At this time, Earl had secured more and more equipment, better microphones, and had practiced several techniques in the art of recording.  After "Done Deal", Earl and Darlina, decided to make the studio a viable business.

In the mid-nineties, Earl and Darlina tore down the ol' barn on their property, and began what was to become "RockHouse Studio."  In 1996, with the help of several friends, musicians, groupies and hanger-outers, the studio as we know it today, was completed.

RockHouse Now

RockHouse Studio is a professional 24-track digital recording studio located near Ft. Worth Texas.  RockHouse specializes in catering to Texas-based artists and music, while offering professional recording facilities and staff at competitive rates to meet specific recording needs. 

Since it's inception, RockHouse has strived to maintain quality with our clients.  It's all about the sound, man!  All of the staff at RockHouse are musicians, and picky ones at that.  We specialize in Texas-based artists, because... well... we're all from Texas!  We've grown to love the "Texas" flavor on all Genres of music.  And because we love it; is the main reason why we keep doing it.  

That plus the fact that we get to play with some really neat toys, and meet a lot of super-cool folks!

Check out the Services section of this website to see what all we do 'round here!

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